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Curious persons may contact for centre opening of Bombay Art.
Art is an activity of human mind indulging for its own soak inner aesthetic. A great work of art combines a profound message from the depth of artist soul with intensive emotional interest.

Al-Hind Urdu Taleemi Markaz & Arts Training Institute.
(Registered by UP Govt. No. 491/13-14)

  • Address: Alambagh,
    Back of Piccaddily Hotal, Barabirwa,
    Kanpur Road, Lucknow

  • Phone: (+91) 7800990889

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  • Email: info@bombayartschool.com

Regd. By Govt. of Utter Pradesh, Regd. No. 491/13-14

E.S.T., Provided fundamental rights under article 29 & 30 constitution of India 1950 Registration Act 21, 1860.