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Syllabus & Duration

Our View

"Art is subjective, and means something different to every single person on earth."


To draw and color a simple group of 4 to 5 objects. The object may be arranged on the floor or above at some suitable height in front of the students. The object should be of good forms based on basic geometrical shapes and they should be preferably be colored. Student should be able to render tonal value in color in a very simple manner. Mechanical devices are not to be used.

Suggested mediums:

i) Pencils, water colors, poster colors, oil or wax crayons, colored pencils etc.

ii) These mediums may be used either individually or in combination. Special attention should be given to shade and light as well as texture.

Syllabus and Duration

The course of Bombay art is One Year and Fine art will be two years.

There are six papers in Bombay art as following
1) Still Life.
2) Nature drawing.
3) Memory drawing.
4) Will power Designing.
5) Free Hand Drawing and
6) Geometry and Lettering.

Surface Plotting
Practical work extra.

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